2015-10-23 15:36
Cosmetic hosiery is made for improving people's feet skin quality so that people can enjoy good feet skin caring without doing extra job.

Slim Muse® is a new shapewear which can solve women's problems. This revolutionary shapewear refine the specific part of your figure. It can reshape and slim your body as well. It’s ideal for everyday wear and you can get the effect you want. It applies microencapsulation technology in fabric for slimming and moisturizing effect. Millions of microcapsules in the shapewear directly diffuse the active ingredients with extracts of seaweed, green tea and caffeine on the skin. So as to take its best effect, Slim Muse® must be worn for a whole month and changed at least twice a week. If you don’t have shapewear or do not know how to choose a shapewear, then choose Slim Muse®! Discover now its advantage by using this shapewear to become more beautiful.
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