Q1 - So what are Caffeine tights?

Q2 - How do they work?

Q3 - So how do I get slimmer thighs and how long will they take to work?

Q4 - Do they really work?

Q5 - What is CELLULITE?

Q6 - What causes CELLULITE and how is it formed?

Q7 - How can I get rid of my CELLULITE?

Q8 - Return Policy Information

Q1 - So what are Caffeine tights - Caffeine tights contain microscopic capsules of caffeine, which are released into the leg when they come into contact with your body heat. This increases the metabolic rate in your legs, which then aids the reduction of cellulite. These Coffee tights are everyday sheer tights available to buy in black or natural colour. TOP

Q2 - How do they work - Body temperature causs the release of caffeine microcapsules into the skin increasing the metabolic rate and the burning of fat. This can reduce the circumference of thighs, cellulite and the "orange peel" effect. They take 1-4 weeks to work and come in a 3 pair value pack. We ship these the same working day if ordered before 3:00PM eastern Time. TOP

Q3 - So how do I get slimmer thighs and how long will they take to work - One pack of Skin Kss Tights contains three pairs of tights and each pair can be washed up to five times before the caffeine properties weaken. One pair should be worn everyday for three weeks to achieve the maximum results. They take 1-4 weeks to work. TOP

Q4 - Do they really work - Skin Kiss has recorded all the results from national press, scientists and their own customers.

A number of people who have worn these caffeine tights have definitely noticed a reduction in the circumference of their thighs. The amount of the reduction seems to be anything from half a centimetre to an inch. It seems to take 1-4 weeks of frequent wearing for the tights to take effect. People have also noticed a reduction in cellulite with these cellulite tights and in particular the “orange peel” effect that can occur on thighs and bottoms.

However, it has to be said that not all people experienced these benefits. Perhaps they don’t wear them “as prescribed” or perhaps their thighs just didn’t respond to the caffeine?

But initial results suggest that it could be roughly a third of people who get a noticeable reduction in thigh circumference and "orange peel" effect, a third who get a slight reduction and a small amount of “orange peel” reduction and a third who are not really getting any effect at all. TOP

Q5 - What is CELLULITE - CELLULITE is that lumpy,rippled skin Appearance common to women of all sizes and ages, that one can not seem to get rid of! It covers parts of the body like a cocoon whether one has a weight problem or not. It is often referred to as that cottage cheese" look. TOP

Q6 - What causes CELLULITE and how is it formed - Water retention, circulation problems and dietary factors which include food additives, chemical preservatives & hormones causes cellulite. TOP

Q7 - How can I get rid of my CELLULITE - How about trying our Caffeine Tights! Considering the cost of workouts and diets this $55 product is certainly worth a try! Right? TOP

Q8 - Return Policy Information

Our customers are very important to us. You may return your order within 15 days from the date of the shipment for a refund or exchange. You can send the item back to the return address. TOP


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